chef accessoriesChefs Wear, Linen Hire and Commercial Kitchen Accessories from London Workwear

Accompanying our custom chef wear and catering workwear ranges, we provide a large variety of chef accessories, kitchen items, linen hire and additional products that you may require. We also provide a selection of napkins and table linen to hire. We think about the extra additional items that you will need to run your kitchen and your business smoothly. We have carefully sourced the best products to enable you to do this. We can provide you with a full solution for your entire kitchen, back of house and front of house needs. Items that we provide include the following:

Tea Towels

London Workwear offer the best quality tea towels to hire. The material is absorbent and durable and will serve well in your kitchen.

Kitchen, Glass, Waiters & Oven Cloths

We offer a wide range of industrial oven cloths that should cover your every need in your commercial kitchen and be very useful for your catering staff. Rent our glass cloths and see your glassware shining brightly!

Bar Wipes

London Workwear Rental also provide bar wipes, to complete your needs.

Cloths To Use As Rags

We have a supply of suitable material that you can use around your kitchen and establishment as “rags” that often come in handy for a variety of jobs.

Hot Towels

We have refreshing and sophisticated hot towels to hire. They smell very fresh and offer a nice touch to offer your customers, if desired.

Table Linen & Serviettes

London Workwear offer a selection of table linen a serviettes to hire in addition to the chefs wear and kitchen items that you order from us. We have many standard stock items that may work well for you or if you would like a very individual or custom napkin, we can source this for you also. As an alternative, if your requirements are mainly surrounding linen rental, as opposed to workwear rental, please visit our sister company website at as they specialise in table linen and napkin hire and will be able to assist you.

For more information on our chef accessories, please contact us today.