Chefs Aprons

Discover our sturdy aprons that we have available in bib and butcher styles with white and coloured waist. London Workwear can signal the uniqueness of your work p

lace with our bespoke apron services, including ankle length designs.

In addition to aprons, bespoke products are available across a range of items, featuring a selection of fabrics, styles and colours, sourced from a plethora of established suppliers we have nurtured relationships with over the years. See our bespoke services, where we illuminate how we provide durable, elegant and hygienic attire for your hospitality enterprise.

There is also the option to brand your chefs apron which will help with the following.

  • Create brand identity, continuity and differentiation
  • Create employee recognition, importance, satisfaction and motivation
  • Create a firm identity and reinforce your brand

Chef Aprons from London Workwear


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